• DIMENSIONS: 1180MM(+/-5MM) X 2800MM (+/-5MM)
    • THICKNESS: 9MM (+/-7%)
    • SOUND ABSORPTION: AS ISO 354 – 2006
      • NRC VALUE: 0.30 (WITH NO AIR GAP)
      • NRC VALUE: 0.50 (WITH 20MM AIR GAP)
      • NRC VALUE: 0.75 (WITH 50MM AIR GAP)
    • REPEAT: V: 556MM, H: 580MM
    • FIRE TEST:
      • ISO 9705: GROUP 1
      • BS EN 13501.1 RATING: C-S1D2
      • GB 8624 B1
      • ASTM E84 Unadhered: Class 2 or B







The Muse collection of acoustic panels showcase striking print designs for single-sided wall and panel applications. Featuring beautifully co-ordinated colourways accented with a combination of matte and pearlescent inks, the Muse range is the perfect choice for a design-led interior space.
• Complex designs are printed with trim lines to allow for easy pattern-matching on continuous wall installations.
• Panels are 2800mm high, specifically designed for floor to ceiling single-sided wall and panel applications, muse provides a pin-able surface with acoustic benefits by reducing reverberated noise in shared spaces, such as workplace and hospitality environments.
• The Muse collection made from 68% recycled PET (approx. 68% post-consumer waste such as recycled PET bottles) with low VOCs and has been printed with pigment inks that achieve GreenTag Certification.

The Muse collection is available in five designs: • Muse Plaid • Muse Pulse • Muse Cloudy • Muse Mineral • Muse Fluid

  • Muse Plaid, which uses vertical and horizontal lines that are carefully repeated to create a large-scale contemporary bold gradient visual impact from floor to ceiling. The coordinated colorways are accented with the textual variance of matte and pearlescent links, giving a unique finish for vertical use.
  • Muse Pulse comprises a series of printed diagonal lines that travel from the base to the top of the panel creating a subtle texture effect. It has been specifically designed to pattern match ‘out of the box’ for ease of install. Available in 3 colourways, charcoal on marle grey, pearl blush and chalk on mist, pulse provides a functional interior vertical surface solution.
    Muse Cloudy, Fluid and Mineral were designed in collaboration with renowned industrial designer, Michael Young, in 2019 and have already been honoured by winning two international design awards, The FX Awards 2019 Winners and the Surface Design Awards 2020. The patterns were developed through the concept of mathematical algorithms, a cutting-edge technological approach that encompasses the creation of shapes and movement through two-dimensional animation.
  • Muse Cloudy is created by a series of varying dots that are gathered together in groups appearing as “clouds” effect. This style is available in three colourways, including two neutral tones and a more standout pearlescent emerald hue.
  • Muse Mineral features a cross-hatch-style design, comprised of diagonal lines that vary between thicker and thinner widths across the panel to create a patchwork effect. The Mineral aesthetic is available in two neutral colourways of charcoal and chalk.
  • Muse Fluid style is designed to emulate the movement of the ocean, comprised of numerous dots organised in rows that flow across the panel to create a “wave-like” effect.
    Described as looking like “beads on a string”, this pattern is available in five different colour combinations. These include pearlescent gold and charcoal, lavender and a cream-hued pearl shade, and metallic emerald or a matte chalk colour overlaid on a grey backdrop.
    The Muse collection is designed for floor to ceiling single-sided wall and panel applications for sustainable interiors used in:
    • Commercial offices • Hotels • Restaurants • Retail • Education • Apartments • Residential • Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums.
    The Muse collection is ideal as:
    • An added acoustic floor to ceiling wall covering.
    • A panel application.
    The Muse collection is light weight, easy to handle, adhere to install.
    It is ideal for high floor to ceiling installations.
    The Muse collection is available in a collection of 5 designs, the Muse range features contrasting prints with signature pearlescent ink, as well as subtle tone-on-tone colours.
    Compared to other wall finishes. The Muse collection is an extremely price competitive solution.
    Muse Plaid achieves a number of international fire standards for a number of applications, including the ISO 9705 GROUP 1 and BS EN 13501.1 Rating: C-s1,d2, ASTM E84 Unadhered: Class 2 or B and GB 8624 B1.
    Muse Plaid has been independently tested, in accordance with AS ISO 354 – 2006 and received an NRC (noise reduction co-efficient) result of 0.75 (with a 50mm air gap), 0.50 (with a 20mm air gap) and 0.30 (with no air gap)
    It also achieves outstanding commercial performance results against Australian and International standards.
    Muse Plaid demonstrates ongoing commitment to environmental performance and sustainable interiors. Its product achieves excellent environmental credentials, including Global GreenTag (GreenRate Level A), with the use of post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams and low VOC emissions. They are RED List Free and have published ingredient transparency with Declare, compliant with LEED v4.1 Building Product Disclosure and Optimisation credit requirements.


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