How to bring a custom carpet design to life

By Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen

At Ege, we’re dedicated to helping you convey your wildest ideas through carpet design, and thanks to advanced production technology, nearly anything is possible. Here are the 8 steps it takes to bring a custom carpet design idea to life

When it comes to creating customised carpet designs, virtually anything is achievable. The carpet design you select will add personality and ambiance to the space you’re designing and with the help of modern technology, you have the design freedom to craft completely unique designs – down to the smallest detail – to suit the individual project and meet any quality requirements the project may have.

Our Global Account Manager Kim Monrad answers our most frequently asked questions about carpets. In this video, Kim explains what supply services Ege Carpets offers: from world wide stationed designers to 3D renderings, Ege helps you create the perfect custom carpet designs for your project.

No matter what your starting point – be it a vague idea or a detailed rendering – we’ll work closely with you at every step of the process to make sure you land on a carpet you love.

From idea proposal and digital rendering to physical samples that you can test on-site, we offer the industry’s shortest lead time on custom carpet designs, and the whole process is probably much easier than you think. We can break it down into 8 simple steps:

Step 1 : Reach out

The first step on how to create a fully customised carpet is simply getting in contact with us or another experienced commercial carpet manufacturer. No matter how developed your idea is, we can certainly help.

Step 2 : Your custom carpet design idea

To put the process in motion, we’ll need a custom carpet design proposal that describes your project as well as your ideas and wishes. The level of detail in the proposal is completely up to you. It all hinges on whether you prefer to do the conceptual development yourself or whether you’d rather leave it up to our carpet design team.

We’ve received everything from detailed presentations and quick sketches to photos that capture specific patterns or ideas. Whatever you choose to contribute, we can incorporate it into the perfect carpet design for your project.

For larger projects, it may be a good idea to have one of our designers visit the actual location. This will give them a better idea of the physical surroundings and nature of the project.

Step 3: Development

Your proposal will then be developed by Egecarpets and made available with 2D and 3D visualisations, so you can get a better idea of what the carpet design will actually look like in practice and on location. At this point in time, you’ll have the option to make further suggestions and specifications for your final carpet.

Step 4: Test a physical sample of your carpet design

After you’ve approved the digital rendering, we can create a physical sample of your custom carpet design in the specified carpet quality, so you can take it onsite for testing.

Pay close attention to how the colour looks on location and how lighting affects the final appearance. This part of the process is your chance to make final adjustments to the colour and design.

Step 5: Approval

Before we get started with the production of your final carpet, the colours, designs and qualities selected will have to be approved.

Step 6: Production

Once you’ve approved, we’ll get to work producing your custom carpet design. With the industry’s shortest lead time, we’ll have your carpet finished and ready to ship in less than three weeks from the day you place the order.

Step 7: Delivery

Your custom carpet design is then deliveredand will be ready for fitting within the timeframe agreed upon.

Step 8: Result

You’ll have a carpet you can be proud of that conveys the unique personality of the space.


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